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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  September 16, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. it's 11:00, do you know where your children are? >> now, abc 2news at 11. >> city police catch a man who they say murdered a 91-year-old woman. tonight we talk to her daughter about the capture of her mother's killer. a horrible event. a world war ii fighter plane crashes into a packed grandstand. mass deaths and mass confusion. we will have the latest. and the business of preserving the past at fort medicare henry. the news starts right now. its been a month since the murder of a 91 -year-old in northeast baltimore. we have new information on the arrest and one clue that brock the case wide open. the victim irene logan still loved to dance at 91 and
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enjoyed traveling. she was killed during a robbery. we spoke to the victim's daughter and are live at police awed quarters. >> reporter: the victim's daughter said in the months since the murder she has been leaning on her faith. she has been also looking to praying for an arrest. today this prayer was answered. the investigation started just hours after the murder and it was careful. evidence recovered from the home irene shared with her daughter and her daughter's husband, evidence that included one stray cigarette butt. >> when they came they found one here and they had asked me and i said nobody smoked. >> reporter: dna was recovered, police lab techs checked the codis database and found a match, 45-year-old anthony robinson. >> career criminal. he was in the system and that's how we got him. >> reporter: last night police
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arrested him at the home of his girlfriend who lives less than a mile away. they found jewelry taken from the home. >> we have the technology to deal with cases like this. we have a lab. >> reporter: >> that has been my prayer since this happened that god would uncover it and bring it to light and to find who the person was that did this. >> reporter: a faith that she said will also allow her to forgive the man charged with stabbing her mother and leaving her to die on the kitchen floor. >> only thing i can say is he needs to seek the lord, he needs to ask for forgiveness. i just want to -- see that he -- that justice is done. >> reporter: remarkable lady. as for staying in the home she
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said that no devil will keep her and her husband out. she said it's her dream home. the police are looking into whether anthony robinson had anything to do with other crimes in the neighborhood. trying to connect that right now. we are live in downtown baltimore. >> at least 75 people are injured after a fighter plane crashed during a reno air show. authorities say it's not known if anyone had died in the incident but they are calling a mass casurlt event and at least 25 people were hurt and 50 went to the hospital this is video popping up all over. look at this and you can see as it comes down, right into the crowd. the air show has been known because of different crashes and the national championship air races draws thousands of people each year in september to watch the various military and civilian planes. baltimore county police are
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looking for suspects in the shooting death of a 24-year-old man. police say robert charles nelson was found dead in the 7500 block of lang street. earlier that evening a car crash caused a power outage sos street was dark and nobody heard anything. they just heard the shots. >> about 2:00 in the morning we just were going back to bed and heard the shots and i came outside and they were take and the guy was -- had flashlights and found the guy. >> reporter: the victim's body was found across the street from the house where three hostages were taken in one of the longest standoffs in united states history. a 19-year-old has been charged with killing her roommate. the girl died after stabbed in the neck by lexis simpson. she faces a series of charges including murder. the campus was stunned by the
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death. >> just don't know. you don't know what the breaking point for a person, you know, that is concern for both sides, it's a very tragic incident and i feel for the parents of both individuals because something had to be going on. >> this is the first time we have had this level of violence at the university and it's hit very hard. we are today gathering just students and staff together, just to begin to process how this has happened with in our school. >> reporter: they made counselors available and all classes were canceled. >> maryland will be able to apply for federal money after hurricane irene. they announced that the money will help with recovery. it applies to several counties, including kent, queen an and hartford. talk about making lemonade automatic of lemons, baltimore
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said that residents can pick up free mulch at parks. that was made from trees and limbs knocked down by the hurricane. we still don't know if the funnel cloud over ocean city was a tornado. the national weather service is surveying the damage. most is a round the 7 fifth street area. it appeared to begin as a water spout and moved east. >> still amazing to see some of the pictures and videos online and even still people posting from the storm. talked to the national weather service. indications are this will be declared a tornado but we don't know what yet. no rain with this but the temperatures are cool. we are down in the low 50s on our way into the 40s. barely hanging on in to the
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50s. widespread 40s tonight and tomorrow. not a lot warmer. upper 60's. we will talk about what when with we do warm up and the coldest probably around 1:00 a.m. for the morning. >> burger cookies are back. the baltimore treat has returned after a short disappearance caused by irene. water from the storm found its way in to the bakery and soaked thousands of boxes used to ship the cookies, the box maker was able to rush new manage packaging to baltimore. it should be back on shelves this weekend. >> it is one of the oldest treasures, the beginning of the star spangled banner and it defended baltimore and it's people. we bring you a closer look. >> you can always see the flag over fort medicare henry. this is before we got the star spangled banner, where baltimore stood its ground in 1812 and new, this is where one
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of baltimore's own defend it's and it's history. >> that was the first time i thought i was part of something bigger than myself. >> reporter: he remembers visiting the fort when he was little and the storey that drove his passion. >> being excited, making the connections between places and people and just got me into it. this is really up close and personal, history, our story really. >> reporter: a story that continues with every visitor. >> a good ranger when they talk to visitors it's a dialogue, not a monologue. i like to talk so that was hard to run. >> reporter: he must manage the gift shop, plan special events and maintain historical accur acy. . >> where are you visiting? >> he looks like a commanding general, lie like he should back. it's flesh and blood. >> you get people from all
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over the nation. these guys are from texas. >> reporter: along with the 1840 style flag, visitors can bring their own flag, for some it's to give thanks to a person who served, others to remember a loved one. >> this is probably one of the most personal things we do. i think the magic is the power of place. i think that the story that is here, the geography, what happened, just energiziny. >> reporter: the story of a fort that helped defend the nation. >> that grass on top of the wall? that is the rampart. >> reporter: a story relieved through a ranger names vince. >> people love it because it's the fabric of america. >> reporter: that's a day in his life in fort mchenry. >> watch out apple, microsoft's new windows eight is designed for tablet pc's.
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john checks out the reviews so you don't waste your money. >> reporter: watch out apple, that is what some tech reeve yous are saying after seeing the upcoming windows 8, designed for tablets. windows has been known for changes, look at this. they are throwing out the 15 year old look for a new foal when it releases windows 8. gone are traditional icon and in their place are touch friendly tiles. reviewers say they are for touch screens. usa today said it leaves the others in the dust. wired magazine said it reimages the windows experience and it world calls it the first
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operating system for every type of device. they said the same about v ista of course and we know how that happened but the tablet will be the battleground and the i-pad will have tougher competition. for more of the reports go to the website. >> there are a lot of reasons parents decide to home school kids, bullying, medical, maybe classes don't move fast enough. how georgia is using technology to reach out to student who feel it's not a good fit. if your child plays online you may be familiar with the conset of buying virtual goods. a warning about how quickly the costs of rises. and why the swim across america fund raiser is so important to one young man.
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. charm city roller derby is rocking baltimore. they are co hosting a big east coast tournament and it's a chance to see some of the best flat track teams in tough competition. the derby teams have come from cities like boston and dc and even canada. they are calling the event the nightmare on 95. last year the hometown team, the roller girls went all the way to the flat track derby association championship. if you want to catch some of the action it's going down all this weekend, friday, saturday and sunday at the arena down in kent. caught on tape, intense images on a school bus after a strange fight breaks out. five girls stormed the bus. one attacked a student sitting down. the fight started between the two girl -- two 11-year-old's shall one left the bus stop but caught up to the bus in route.
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she had four four sisters, the oldest 23. they were all charged. bullying like that is one of the reasons parents may decide to home school their children. georgia state families have another option called cyber academy. they tune into lessons taught by a live teacher, certified by the state. kids from all over georgia are eligible to attend the school. >> gifted students who are getting bored in the class, students who have fallen behind and need the opportunity to catch up. students with health issues or special needs. >> the state contributes $3,000 for each child. the program started in 2007 with 500 kids, this year it's up to about 10,000. it's enough to spend your hard earned money on furniture, food, clothes but these days there are things you can get in game that can make your computer character cooler and
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more fun. we are working for you tonight asking you is it worth spending real money on something you only see on the computer screen? >> reporter: alex is a little guy but knows quite a bit at fun online games. >> really cool. it was really cool. have you to find coins and you win money. >> reporter: you don't win real money of course. though in some games these days you may spend it to add furniture to your house or berries for your farm. not real again, these are virtual goods. >> stats have shown that it's intended to be upwards of a ten billion dollar under industry in the next few years. >> reporter: alex's dad, he has an internet marketing firm. >> my 2-year-old bought $20 worth of smurf berries on her
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own. >> reporter: others are surprised at how easy if is to buy them. >> this go online and play this game, they could buy things on the game, 50-cents for an extra wheel barrow and that makes the game go faster. >> reporter: the games do ask that you input your password. the first time you buy anything. then with most games for a set period of time you can skip the password and just click buy. >> all of the sudden parents are finding 75-dollar charges, that they don't know about. >> reporter: and the amount can shoot into the hundreds if your child continues to hit button, he may not even be able to read yet. there are ways to prevent it. just set your device to block app purchases, go to settings in your device and switch it to off. it's not just all about the children. many adults buying things and companies are taking notice. >> more and more are using
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this idea of whether it's paid or free but the idea of comedy tyes or ownership of something that's virtual virtual. >> that was kelly swoop. if your child is asking to down load a game app be sure to check the information to see what likely purchases include if you don't plan to block the purchases. >> now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> all right. pretty nice looking night. when you step outside and -- looking out the window you feel the fall in the air. that's for sure. early little blast of fall here. 55 degrees. wind calm, the temperatures chilly, take a look. baltimore today, mix of clouds and sun and a nice -- little late day clearing, sun, almost a winter looking sky in spots out there today.
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you know as we went toward sunset. a think a similar looking day tomorrow. little more sun but on the whole similar temperature wise as well as we look at that beautiful shot over the severn. the radar outstanding all clear. that should hold up all weekend. so should the chill. at least until we get into sunday. i think you will feel the difference and late tomorrow afternoon won't be that bad. 43 in oakland. wish it was 53 and temperatures down to 40s across much of the central part of the state. this was this morning. the 30s west of baltimore and this was a crisp start and today again most spots stuck in the 10's. frederick 72, start a little warmer into sunday and the air mass starts to warm um. clouds still streaming across the sky but not producing any real weather. little disturbance here off the carolina's. that will spin off shore and
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may spin a few showers in to the beaches but most of maryland stays dry. the bottom line is the chill is on, especially at night. let's talk about the weekend a little bit as we go into sunday, game day forecast for the ravens at the titans in tennessee. its going to be warm and muggy, near 80, 40% chance of storms, more likely late in the an, hopefully get the game in without to much in terms of showers or storms. go ravens. overnight 48, partly cloudy, chilly again, tomorrow we go through the 40s, 50s and then the upper 60s. several spots in the low 70s and tomorrow night partly cloudy and still a chill out there. that's for sure. if you are going out to like the orioles game tomorrow, realize a little crisp. just a little mildler into sunday. good warming trend next week.
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we get the humidity back. this was the early taste of fall. not one that will settle in quite yet and of course we have to talk about this. swim across america forecast. training for this thing for two months. one mile. >> all pool swimmers. >> the water temperature i'm assured 80 degrees. though the morning temperatures for early swimmers like maybe 58, that water is nice and warm. that's good stuff. >> it's the thing. you couldn't swim in the bay, chilly but they know what they are doing. >> yeah. baltimore's second ever swim across america and this is directly going to benefit the cutting edge research they do -- meadowbrook we caught up with unique swimmers, mount washington. smiths, local father son and
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jake, he has cancer, he is really a one of a kind survivor, now completely healed and about to swim a mile to help raise moneyer for people still fighting. >> it means a lot to be -- really do something so they can try to beat it to. >> i can't think of any better way to combine a great sport of swimming in baltimore with a great medical research institution of john's hopkins. >> unbelievable. >> we just have so many powerful stories of this swim it all happen this is sunday morning at 8:00 a.m. there is still time to support the swim with a donation. check out information on the website. >> how many laps do you have to swim? >> it's 16 round trips. 16. >> great. well. that sounds cool. >> you know we will call all
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the future reporters, if you are if you are interested in the work we have we have a special program for high school students. it's called the teen media project and we are taking applications, the deadline is possibility 31. -- october 31. you can read more and get the application on the website. when we come back the orioles at the top of a list. first a look at night line. >> coming up, we will have more on the crash at the reno air races after a plane nose dived in to the crowd. and 9 murder trial of a man who said he shot his wife dead but now says it was an accident. that after the news. [ waves crashing ]
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. they don't do worse. u. can't do any worse. >> the orioles wrap up another tough season and ther orioles are running out of fans. thehe indians are the only teams losing fans faster. team was based on attendance. in the last decade, the number of people going to camden has dropped 44% but we aren't the only ones, six of the top ten teams on that list are baseball franchises. this guy has plenty of
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fans, is ron artest. today the lakers forward changed his name to meadow world peace. meta world peace,. in a statement he said the move is to inspire and bring youth together, whatever his name, monday he takes to the ball room for dancing the stars on the premiere. >> taking -- a page from chad with the name change. marketing. >> changing a little differently. >> remember world be free, played ball. >> got a point. >> hour by tomorrow, hard to get out of the 60's. a good-looking saturday but -- you just have to bring in the extra layer, swim forecast, the seven day forecast, we warm it back up next week. very crisp. >> we will be back.
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. in the pool sunday. >> it's time. it's time. one mile. let's do it for cancer and baltimore. across america, meadowbrook. we will see you later.
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